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Research & Business Intelligence

While most market research companies serve large companies, ad’ hoc researches, telephone researches or control groups we go the other way — we focus on the needs of small businesses. We uncover market opportunities, and sometimes, marketing challenges, that others miss. Our market research yields solid, factual, defensible information that is directly relevant to your specific needs, not the needs of the “average” company in your industry. We combine quantitative market research and qualitative market research to give you a balanced and accurate picture.

Business-to-Business Market Research

Business-to-Business market research is different – a smaller universe of difficult to access decision makers who are subject matter experts; the need for both intelligence and insights; ever-changing competitive dynamics. Andrew Knight is a consultant firm expert in B2B. We are business strategists as well as market researchers.

Industrial Markets

If you were searching for a firm that can tackle your industrial market research & strategy needs, Andrew Knight is you perfect partner. Most market research firms are not comfortable working in industrial sectors because it requires an expertise and understanding of technical product applications and experience in manufacturing or field environments.

Business Intelligence

Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before.  Thanks to the development of the Internet, information on market trends, legislation, customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, product development and almost every other conceivable topic is available at the click of a mouse.  Search engines, online libraries, company websites and other sources provide information in an increasingly plentiful, easy to find, and easy to digest way. Even traditional forms of information provision such as libraries and publications are moving online.  All in all, information providers are responding to customer demand by making more and more information available not only online, but also in a searchable format

Despite this trend, it is often the most valuable information which cannot be found online.  An example of this is competitor intelligence, regarded by most information users as the most difficult type of information to acquire. Collecting such information often requires access to an expert market intelligence consultant, who will glean information from the competitor or another source.  Similarly, technical information, particularly in rapidly evolving areas such as product development, is often poorly documented and therefore requires one-on-one discussion with a technologist.

In other words, whilst general information is often available freely in every sense of the word, information that is sufficiently specific, validated and well presented to be of real use to decision-makers often requires a specialist market intelligence expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Marketing Research is Important to Your Business?

The primary reason we do any survey project or organise a market research is that we can give you insight into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing and your customers to improve your decision-making capabilities and reduces your risk. Market research centers your business on your consumers and keeps you relevant and future-oriented and allows you to pursue the most lucrative growth opportunities.

Why is a B2B Market Research different than B2C?

There are many differences between consumer and B2B markets. The differences do not necessarily lie in the products themselves, but in the way, these products are exchanged. B2B purchase decision is often complex and there are often many people involved. B2B markets are characterised by smaller numbers of customers. Often, companies may have hundreds, rather than thousands of customers. B2B specificity requires different methods, research technics, and skills than standard market research.

What is business intelligence?

Market Intelligence is the information relevant to a company’s markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. In simple terms, market intelligence is information that is gathered for the purpose of making business decisions. It is largely synonymous with market research

how market intelligence potentially benefit your business?

The purpose of all the business intelligence is to increase profitability. Market entry, market expansion, market assessment and acquisition studies. Needs assessment studies allow you to better meet future customer requirements and therefore develop and take foot in new markets. Segmentation, branding and competitor intelligence research tend to refer to markets where there is an existing presence.

Business intelligence, Putting information to work

Business intelligence (BI) can be considered critical to the very existence of most organisations. However, efforts to gather such intelligence—commonly defined as collecting, consolidating and analysing information about the organisation’s operational processes, financial situation, business performance and other indicators—are hampered by inconsistency among data sources, problems with data quality, an often cobbled-together approach to BI systems, and a lack of clarity about how to take the knowledge gleaned from BI initiatives and turn it into practical and positive changes to the business….


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