Distribution & Business Partners

Andrew Knight works as your Business Development Agency, providing contacts, distributors or license partners, strategic advice, negotiation, market intelligence and full support throughout the partnering process focusing mainly on Asia and Europe

Research & Analyses

While most market research companies serve large companies with ad’ hoc researches, telephone researches or control groups we go another way. We focus on the needs of small businesses. We uncover market opportunities, and sometimes, marketing challenges, that others miss.


We offer access to alternative supplies or resources from around the world. With a deep experience in the European and Asian market we can source from supply to craftsmanship you need with perfect cost-effectiveness ratio.


We find  partners, accelerate growth and scale distribution for your business.

If you manufacture technology products and wish to expand your business into Asia or Europe then Andrew Knight Business Development Agency is the partner for you. Our local expertise and market knowledge reduce your risk exposure and increase the success of your market expansion initiatives. With our solutions-oriented approach for both suppliers and customers in all technology-driven aspects of business, you can also expect a fully-fledged service portfolio. This includes market development consultancy, sourcing, product development, market research, application engineering and training.


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Why does Asia present so much opportunity?

To begin with, nearly every country in this region (except for Singapore, Korea and Japan) has an emerging and growing economy. Despite their geographic proximity, the countries in this region are different in other ways beyond just culture and religion, and therefore each should be entered with a separate strategy.

Japan & Korea  have the most mature markets and might be a good entry point for this region. Most of the other countries have markets that offer longer term opportunities.
Singapore, which is both a city-state and an island country. It is a major global commerce, transportation, and financial hub. As a matter of fact, The island stat also has an excellent reputation for being an easy place to do business.